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The EJ Designs Wonderland of Interior Design Trends

Welcome, fellow design dreamers, to a magical realm where imagination meets functionality: the enchanting world of interior design trends! If you're ready to sprinkle some fairy dust on your living space and infuse it with charm, you've come to the right place. We're about to embark on an exciting journey through the top 10 current interior design trends that will have your home singing with joy. At EJ Designs, our favorite thing is creating happy, beautifully-designed spaces, and these trends are a few that our clients are constantly asking for — with our own fun little twist!

Natural boho and greenery design with hanging chair done by EJ Designs for Hershey PA Client

Sustainable Serenade: A Symphony of Eco-Friendly Delights

Gather 'round, nature lovers, for the Sustainable Serenade! It's all about embracing eco-consciousness and weaving a symphony of sustainability into your home. From bamboo furniture to recycled decor, this trend will have you feeling like you're living inside a lush forest. The melody of renewable materials will charm your heart, and every energy-efficient appliance will whisper sweet eco-friendly nothings in your ear.

Grandmillennial Glam: Nostalgic Elegance with a Twist

Calling all vintage enthusiasts and nostalgia nerds! The Grandmillennial Glam trend is here to whisk you away on a trip down memory lane, but with a delightful modern twist. Embrace classic patterns like chintz, fringes, and ruffles, and add a splash of contemporary colors for a vibrant flair. It's like a retro tea party that the Mad Hatter himself would approve of!

Maximalist and Glamorous Dining Room with dark green walls, mauve chairs, a glass table, and lots of plants

Maximalist Marvels: Where More is More, and More is Magical!

If you believe that less is a bore, then the Maximalist Marvels trend is your soulmate! Embrace the art of more, where bold patterns, eclectic decor, and a riot of colors come together in a spectacular symphony of design. It's like living inside an art gallery that explodes with creativity!

Bold and Playful Palettes: Colors that Sing and Dance

Bland and muted colors, be gone! The Bold and Playful Palettes trend is all about dancing with vibrant hues and singing with excitement. From eye-popping oranges to electric blues and daring yellows, these colors will have your home bursting with energy and life. It's like living inside a kaleidoscope of joy!

Living Wall in a Central PA Interior Design Office created by Emily Fisher with EJ Designs

Biophilic Bliss: A Serenade to Nature's Embrace

Let's journey into the heart of Biophilic Bliss, where nature's melody resonates in every corner of your home. Embrace the great outdoors with living walls, houseplants galore, and earthy textures. Every green leaf will sing a soothing lullaby, and you'll find yourself wrapped in the warm embrace of Mother Nature herself.

Japandi Fusion: A Harmony of Japanese Zen and Scandinavian Cozy

Konbanwa and Hej! Welcome to the land of Japandi Fusion, where Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian warmth in a harmonious dance. Clean lines intertwine with cozy textures, creating a serene and comforting atmosphere. It's like living inside a zen garden where hygge vibes abound.

beautiful large scale floral wallpaper in a bedroom

Textured Tapestry: Walls that Speak with Touch

Step right up and behold the Textured Tapestry trend, where walls become storytellers with their tactile wonders. From textured wallpapers to 3D tiles and woven wall hangings, your fingers will delight in every touch. It's like living inside a living, breathing canvas that's just begging to be caressed!

Multifunctional Magic: Furniture that Wears Many Hats

Abracadabra! Watch in awe as furniture transforms before your very eyes in the Multifunctional Magic trend. Sofas that turn into beds, coffee tables with hidden storage, and wall-mounted desks that vanish when not in use—prepare to be dazzled by the versatility of design. It's like living inside a magician's hat where every piece of furniture is a delightful surprise!

Retro midcentury living room design for Carlisle PA Client

Retro Revival: Groovy Vibes and Vintage Delights

Groovy baby, the Retro Revival trend is taking us back in time to the swinging '60s and groovy '70s! Vintage-inspired furniture and decor are back in vogue, and we're loving every bit of it. It's like living inside a time capsule of coolness, where retro chic reigns supreme.

Art Deco Extravaganza: Gatsby-esque Glamour and Elegance

Get ready to party like it's the roaring twenties in the Art Deco Extravaganza trend! With its bold geometric patterns, luxurious materials, and glamorous metallic accents, your home will ooze Gatsby-esque glamour. It's like living inside a Great Gatsby soirée, where every day is a lavish celebration!

And there you have it — a whimsical and playful journey through the top 10 current interior design trends! Each trend brings its unique charm and magic, ready to enchant your home with style and personality. For many of our clients, we mix and match a lot of these styles (and more)!

If you need help with any of these design ideas, please give us a call! Happy decorating!


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