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The Journey of an Interior Designer in New Home Builds

Embarking on the journey of designing a new home is akin to opening a blank canvas, ready to be painted with strokes of creativity and functionality. For most interior designers, this journey is not just about selecting colors and furniture! It's about planning, construction, and decoration while ensuring you have a heartbeat on the essence of your client's aspirations and lifestyle.

A beautiful, modern black and white kitchen designed by Emilf Fisher or EJ Designs for a Mechanicsburg PA client

We recently had the pleasure of helping one of our Central PA clients with their new build. Though we helped them with finishes and window treatments, we can help any client from the very start of construction to the final piece of art being hung on the wall. Learn more below and take a look at the amazing photos along the way!

The Art of Planning: Setting the Foundation

Like any journey, we begin with meticulous planning! We embark on a voyage of exploration and vision alignment so we can fully understand our client's needs and preferences. Knowing the client's lifestyle, wants, and aspirations lays the cornerstone for crafting a design that resonates with who they are. With thorough consultations and immersive discussions, we delve into the details of our client's aesthetic, their functional requirements, and any emotional connections to design.

During the planning phase, we can collaborate closely with architects and builders to integrate design elements seamlessly into the architectural framework. Space utilization, lighting schemes, and flow dynamics are meticulously analyzed to optimize functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Mood boards, sketches, and digital renderings can serve as visual aids, bridging the gap between imagination and realization. It really does help our clients envision their dream home as it will be when we're complete!

Construction and Finish Choices: Bridging Form and Function

With the blueprint in hand and the vision crystallized, the journey transitions into the realm of construction and finish options. Here, we assume the role of curator, handpicking elements that harmonize with the overarching design narrative while still reflecting the client's unique goals. From flooring materials to cabinetry finishes, every choice is made with intentionality, striking a delicate balance between form and function. (And we LOVE function!)

As the construction progresses, we orchestrate all of the finishes, from paint hues to hardware selections and anything in between. We are especially skilled at lighting! Guided by our client's preferences and lifestyle, we create a space custom made for them. Whether it's a serene oasis bathed in neutral tones or a vibrant expression of eclectic flair, we tailor all of our choices and recommendations to our client.

A modern black, white, gold, wood, and cream dining area beautifully designed by EJ Designs for a Mechanicsburg, PA interior design client

Decorating: Elevating Spaces into Sanctuaries

As the final coats of paint are applied and the construction dust settles, the stage is set for the grand finale – decorating! We get to infuse each space with layers of texture, color, and personality. From statement furniture pieces to curated accents, every element is thoughtfully designed to evoke emotions and elevate the experience in the home.

Drawing inspiration from our client's lifestyle and passions, we create a cohesive (or purposefully not cohesive) journey from room to room. Whether it's sculptural lighting fixtures casting a warm glow or bespoke artwork adorning the walls, each element is carefully chosen and carefully placed.

In the realm of decoration, we can be fully hands-on with the design or help out where needed. Collaborative shopping expeditions and styling sessions foster a sense of ownership and connection, as the client sees their vision materialize before their eyes. Through open communication and mutual respect, we cultivate a partnership that transcends professional boundaries, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust that enriches the design process. (Sometimes, we ever become friends!)

A music room featuring a beautiful hanging crystal chandaelier, sculptures, and a large mirror

Crafting Joyful Experiences: Tailoring Aesthetics to Client's Preferences

Central to the ethos of interior design is the principle of tailoring aesthetics to the client's preferences, ensuring that every space reflects their unique identity and aspirations. From contemporary chic to timeless elegance, we embrace a diverse spectrum of styles, adeptly weaving them into a cohesive narrative that resonates with the client's sensibilities.

The key to making the process enjoyable lies in fostering a collaborative and transparent environment, where the client feels empowered to articulate their vision and explore creative possibilities. By listening attentively and responding empathetically to their needs, we create a partnership that transforms the design journey into a joyful odyssey of discovery and self-expression.

Moreover, infusing elements of surprise and delight adds a layer of excitement to the process - unexpected flourishes and personalized touches elevate the design narrative to new heights. Whether it's a hidden reading nook bathed in natural light or a bespoke feature wall adorned with cherished memorabilia, these moments of revelation imbue the space with a sense of wonder and enchantment, making every day feel like a celebration of life's myriad joys.

If you're wanting to learn more about our process and how we can help you design your home, reach out to us!


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