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Interior Design to Help You Battle the Winter Blahs

Winter is coming! And although we are not in the bitter North, the days are still cold, wet, and dark. The combination of winter winds and shorter daylight hours can leave us feeling depressed, unmotivated, and just…well…blah. To fight those winter blues, check out our design suggestions to show up happy and battle ready.

Family Get Together in Kitchen Designed by Emily at EJ Designs

Design a Social Kitchen

Make your kitchen a space for socializing - not just gorgeous for Insta! Invite a friend or two (or several) over for a cup of their favorite beverage at your in-kitchen seating. Sitting and talking with friends or family at an island or breakfast bar over a warm cocoa, tea, or coffee can lift you and your friend’s moods.

Wooden Kitchen Shelving with live plants, a subway tile backsplash, and natural countertops designed by EJ Designs .jpg

Bring nature indoors. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! Fresh herbs can be a great way to add natural elements to your kitchen. They are restorative and can be grown indoors all year long. Houseplants near windows, on top of cabinets, or on a kitchen shelf can draw you, your family, and guests in. Plus, there's something to be said about their air-purifying abilities for "don't open the windows" season.

Warm it up! We aren’t just talking about the food. Rich wood colors and cabinets in muted blues, greens, and reds are trending up for 2023. Inviting color into your bright kitchen can set the tone for a great day.

Rock the Home Gym

Research has shown that exercise is a great way to keep the winter blahs at bay. Sometimes, it’s hard to workout if your gym area is less than inspiring. Home gyms don’t have to be bland, though! Create a motivational home workout area with our amped up suggestions below.

Modern living room and workout space featuring an EJ Designs client with her furry family member

Room designed for a workout. If you have a large space like a basement or garage, you can include several pieces of equipment but, if your space is small, you can still make a fitness impact. Technology is enabling us to scale down the size of our workout equipment which means we don’t need a large space. Just make sure your have enough room to move comfortably. (Of course - we can help you rearrange that space if needed!)

Use resilient home gym flooring. Resilient flooring that can absorb the shock of your workout is good for your body and your home. Consider adding cushioned mats or an interlocking cushioned surface to your workout area.

Add music to your home gym. Enhance your workout with bluetooth speakers for quick connection to your favorite workout music. Whether it’s hyped beats or chill vibes, music can motivate you to move and feel good.

A bed for your pet. Your pets can be a great accountability coach! Ok, maybe not, but they definitely want to be near you. Keeping them calm by making space for them in your workout area will keep them content and keep your mind in the zone.

Motivational board that says "be kind, be calm, be safe, spread joy."

Motivational Décor

How do we stay on task during the winter when we don’t feel like doing much? Décor! It can be obvious or subtle. Use our suggestions for motivational décor around your home.

Use art as a subtle task suggestion.

❤ Kids not brushing their teeth, washing their hands, or brushing their hair (maybe all of the above)? Use task-related - yet cute - artwork in their bathroom to visually remind them of their responsibilities.

❤ If you need a little motivation to get out of bed in the morning, try a picture of an inspirational person or quote on your bedside table. Not motivational enough? Try a wall mural of your favorite things to inspire your day.

Put a family schedule in a common area. A wall mounted paper roll is a fun way to keep track of a family schedule in addition to serving as a place to write down groceries and a weekly dinner menu. It can keep that motivation for sticking to healthy dining choices for the week instead of straying and eating lots of junk. Don't get me wrong, we like cheese curls as much as the next family, but eating healthy just makes you feel so much better!

Unique modern kitchen design with sitting counter designed by EJ Designs

Brighten Up Your Interior

Invite the light in! Lighting is an important part of elevating your mood. With fewer daylight hours in the winter, our mood can become as gloomy as 5:00pm. Instead, brighten up the inside of your home with these luminous ideas!

Amp up the lumens. Instead of shopping for watts, try shopping for lumens. Boosting the lumens will boost your mood. Consider replacing your current lightbulbs and adding additional lighting to your home. Ask us how - we are lighting experts afterall!

Use window treatments to let the daylight in.

❤ Barely there window sheers allow a lovely filtered light in all day long, maximizing the amount of brightness combined with minimal privacy.

❤ Woven and roman shades offer a customizable amount of daylight with more privacy in the evening hours.

❤ Smart curtains and window treatments on a remote allow you to let the morning light in without getting out of bed.

Rounds mirror in bedroom above wardrobe chest

Mirrors to reflect light. Natural light can be reflected with decorative mirrors. They can be used to brighten just about any room from living rooms to home gyms. Smart mirror technology (with displays behind the glass) can also serve a minimalist dual purpose.


Now that you’re motivated to beat those winter blahs, we can help you prepare! Contact us about converting your space with our mood boosting designs.


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