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Home Office Interior Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

Transition Your Home Office From Slo to Pro(ductive) Can’t resist a pun sometimes!

EJ Designs Corner Spot for a Home Office Design with both Feminine and Masculine Interior Design elements featuring framed artwork behind and above the computer screen

Working from home doesn’t have to be inefficient or distracting - if you have a space that you have thoughtfully curated! A well designed home office can boost both your mood and your productivity. Here are a few of my suggestions for putting the “pro” back in professional.

Dedicated Workspace

A Tiny office designed by EJ Designs for a Hershey PA Client located under a floating staircase featuring boho elements and white floating shelves

Shhhhh! Having a quiet, dedicated work space is important for setting a more productive mood. Maybe your craft room at the other side of the house isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Consider transforming an extra room to an inviting home office!

Or! If you're tight on space, try converting a closet, a space under stairs, or maybe a window nook. Once you have a space where “the magic happens,” it’s easier to separate work and home from one another.

Declutter Your Space

It’s time to work on some visual zen! Seeing clutter can cause your brain to feel uncomfortable and unproductive. The solution? Declutter!

Quick decluttering tips:

❤ Thinking of switching to electronic documents? Now's the time! Scan those docs and file them electronically. Recycle your old papers and repurpose your newfound space for something else!

❤ If you have to work with paper files, consider a hanging file solution that can be discreetly tucked away in a desk or maybe create a custom shelving system with a built-in cabinet. (We know people that can help with that, just ask!)

❤ Search out tidy desk organization systems that you’ll actually use! Not only will it keep everything in its place and make it easy to find, but it’ll also potentially add some visual interest to your office.

Let there be light!

Photographers Home Office Area with a comfy brown leather chair and a plush shag gray rug underneath

Did you know that lighting affects how we feel? Using cool lighting motivates and energizes us, but we still need to look good for our video conferencing, am I right?

❤ Scootch your desk near windows to benefit from natural light.

❤ Keep in mind: lighting isn’t a one-size-fits-all element. Some days are brighter than others. For those overcast days, early mornings, or evenings, try layering different kinds of lighting such as ambient, accent, and task lighting.

❤ The classic desk lamp has lasted the test of time, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with floor lamps, pendants, and more. Consider mixing and matching styles to make it more you!

A very simple, minimalistic corner desk area with art taped to the wall, and a lime green chair

Make it Comfy

Being comfortable in the space you're in is key to having a positive mindset while working. Your chair and desk play a huge role in being comfortable.

Your office chair is your workhorse, supporting you while you work and move. Look for a comfortable chair that supports your body while you work. Some of our clients find incredibly comfortable chairs for their desks that aren’t even “ergonomic” - surprise!

Having comfortable furniture in your space (like a sofa with cozy pillows) gives you the option to change up the scenery - giving your body a rest from your desk.

Maybe you like switching from sitting to standing while you work. Consider an adjustable desk that can go the distance with you. There are some really cool looking ones, too, now that the technology has advanced.

Hide the Charge

Okay, so we are not saying get rid of your outlets or anything! But rather than having a giant powerstrip hanging around with a thousand cords comine out, consider a popup or hidden outlets. Incorporate outlets in cabinets or drawers to cleverly hide the cords - providing a clean look for your space. Cleanliness makes it easier to concentrate!

a creative workspace designed by EJ designs with lots of small framed art on floating shelves

Good Vibes Only!

Create a space you love to be in. Office decor does not have to be boring or impersonal! Bring in touches of you to personalize your space.

❤ Pictures of your vacations are a great way to give your mind a temporary get away from your work.

❤ Hang your favorite artwork in places where you can easily see them.

❤ Bring in inspiration from your favorite hobby! Show off gorgeous fishing flies with a shadow box, display carvings of your favorite birds on a floating shelf, or flaunt your style with your own framed artwork.

EJ Designs Client Home Office desk featuring plants, custom greenery art, black metal floor lamp, and a black metal bookcase with brick walls

Pets & plants (Yes, please!)

Incorporating plants and pets in your home office are great ways of feeling better in your work space. Plants improve our mood, recharge our focus, and clean the air we breathe. Plus, they’re a natural design element! Consider adding a little (or a lot) of greenery to your home office.

Make a space for your furry family member! Creating a welcoming space for your pet in your home office is a great way to improve productivity. Not only do animals make us feel more relaxed during the stresses of our workday, but they feel safe and secure when they’re with their humans. (Even when the cat takes a break on your laptop when you have to leave for literally five minutes! My goodness, bud!)

EJ Designs home office cat sleepily rest on Emily's laptop

Hopefully, some of these thoughts about home office interior design inspired you to make some changes in your space! Always feel free to share with me on instagram or facebook. I would absolutely love to hear from you!


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